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"Kai-Zen® is the most compelling option I have seen in my search for a solution to maintain my current lifestyle in retirement."

Head of Private Bank Life Insurance - Leading Top 10 Largest U.S. Bank, Client of Kai-Zen®

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Kai-Zen® Re-Designed The Typical Way Life Insurance Is Used With Leverage

Kai-Zen® was uniquely designed to combine the advantage of leverage with the cash accumulation features of life insurance. This enhances your potential for policy distributions during retirement to supplement your income, while also providing more protections for you and your family.

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You may be eligible for a unique Retirement strategy, that may be able to accumulate money more efficiently than many other Retirement plans.

With Kai-Zen, you can have 3 to 1 match to obtain more benefits today along with potential cash accumulation for your retirement future and tax-free income at your retirement.

Like many of your peers, you may be facing unique challenges in saving and accumulating assets for your retirement security, protecting yourself and your business from the unforeseen.   There is a strategy that is only available to qualified individuals such as yourself.

Three major US financial organizations have come together to create an innovative plan that allows you to use bank dollars to fund your retirement in only five years while using a financial structure that helps you create protection from taxes for your funds.

It’s kind of like an employer match in a 401k plan. Please click to watch this video below and understand the powerful concept behind this strategy.

Are you currently offering your key employees a retirement package that includes more income with more protection?

Company benefits: to attract the best, you need to offer the best

Attract and Retain Employees by Offering Better Benefits

Key employees are the lifeblood of any company and it is always crucial to be more attractive than the competition. Benefits are necessary to recruit and retain the best employees, but most companies offer essentially the same benefits as everyone else. How does one offer more to set themselves apart from the competition?

Kai-Zen is a unique strategy that allows a company to achieve a competitive advantage by offering some of the best benefits, help provide more protection, and potentially save more for its employees’ retirement. Simply put, the Kai-Zen strategy can provide the extra funding to set any company apart without having to increase their budget.

Business Applications

The departure or premature loss of a key executive can significantly affect a company’s bottom line. The Kai-Zen Strategy helps provide the additional funding required to address the following business situations effectively:

  • Executive Bonuses
  • Buy/Sell
  • Key Man
  • Partner Buyout
  • Succession Planning
  • Highly Compensated Employee Incentives

More Cost Effective than Traditional Plans

The real reason businesses are not offering additional benefits to their key employees is cost. The Kai-Zen Strategy uses leverage to help cover the costs of the additional benefits needed to attract top talent. A unique feature of Kai-Zen is that there are no loan qualifications or loan documents signed by the employer or employee. The contributions made to the strategy act to fully secure the loan. Utilizing Kai-Zen allows companies to spend less on something that would otherwise be a substantial expense. This will ultimately improve their cash flow and decrease costs while offering the differentiation needed to compete for the best employees.

In addition, due to the high cost of benefits, businesses also find it difficult to provide adequate coverage for other business liabilities such as Key Person, Buy-Sell Agreements, Succession Planning, etc. These events can typically be funded at half the cost of traditional options with Kai-Zen.

A Better Way to Fund Contingent Business Liabilities (Key Person, Buy-Sell Agreements, Succession Planning, etc.)

Key executives leave for a variety of reasons which can leave a business scrambling to cover their loss. They can become disabled, develop a chronic illness, retire, pass away, or simply leave. Most companies use their cash to grow their business and not to fund contingent business liabilities. Kai-Zen helps provide the funding needed to protect your business in a wider variety of circumstances.

A Better Way to Informally Fund Deferred Compensation

Kai-Zen is a superior way to informally fund Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation. By financing a life insurance policy as opposed to traditional investment alternatives, your client gets the added advantage of additional cash through the use of leverage, potential tax-deferred growth, protection benefits should something happen to the employee all without downside market risk.

How much money should you be saving for Retirement?

Whether you are in the medical industry or own your own business, you could be missing out on years of compounding interest and not taking advantage of the income you are earning now to leverage for the future. 

Although some future plans can take a significant amount of years to accumulate income.  We know that time can be a key risk to someones life plan.

Cirbo and Associates specialize in helping their clients maintain the lifestyle they work so hard for in retirement while utilizing the power of leverage.

There is a unique strategy that utilizes bank money to leverage retirement dollars 3 to your 1 and allows you to potentially fund a retirement plan in as little as 5 years.

This powerful planning approach can help a qualified candidate retire with more income, TAX-FREE. This strategy also enables you to avoid the risk of the stock market, while providing comparable returns.


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